About us

Our digital handshake


Thanks for wanting to know more about us and even considering to trust us with your company’s photography!

We are a team of professional photographers that specialise in corporate photography, which includes events, stock and portraiture as well as commercial imagery for marketing purposes.

You’ll see from our collection of images that we LOVE to capture those fleeting moments of emotion that the untrained eye might miss, as well as the little (and not so little) aspects that make your brand and your people unique. Our event photography style is strongly biased towards photojournalism where we will candidly capture images from behind the scenes, but we’re not shy to get in and help so that the images will be the best that they possibly can be.

PS: We believe it’s the little things that make the big things worthwhile… so we think life is too short to waste on cheap chocolate and bad coffee – you get what you pay for… and thats why we look forward to you investing in us and us in you.

Here are just some of our business partners that have trusted our services: